Areas Responsible PC Members
OR, Human Behavior and Society Evrim Gunes
Continuous Optimization
Control Theory and System Dynamics Kok Lay Teo
Data Science, Analytics and Performance Measurement Wouter Verbeke
Decision Analysis and Decision Support Systems Valentina Ferretti
Discrete Optimization, Mixed Integer and Constraint Programming Janny Leung
Energy, Environment and Climate Dong Gu Choi
Financial Modeling and Risk Analysis Efsun Kurum
Game Theory and Mathematical Economics
Graphs, Networks and Combinatorial Optimization with Applications Illya Hicks
Logistics, Transportation and Traffic Xuesong Zhou
Metaheuristics and Matheuristics Richard Hartl
Multicriteria Decision-Making and Multiobjective Optimization Matthias Ehrgott
OR for Development and Developing Countries
OR in Health, Medicine and Life Sciences
OR in Natural Resources Taraneh Sowlati
Production Management, Supply Chain Management and Location Stefan Nickel
Revenue Management and Pricing Zhenyu Hu
Scheduling, Timetabling and Project Management Sanja Petrovic
Simulation, Stochastic Programming and Modeling Lewis Ntaimo
Applications of OR Celso Ribeiro
Machine Learning, Data Mining and Analytics Tong Wang
OR in Sports Celso Ribeiro